Fa-la-la-la-la — or Oy Ve???  This time of year can be exciting and enjoyable … and  overstimulating and stressful as well!  You are not alone if that is how you feel in December!

As my holiday gift to you, consider these tips for a more manageable and memorable holiday season:

1. Consider carefully what makes the holiday season meaningful for you …  and simplify. 

Is it time with family? Quiet time in front of a fireplace? Decorating? Partying with friends?
Focus on a few meaningful activities and events… and experiment with letting go of other traditions and plans that don’t matter as much to you.  Maybe you don’t have to send a holiday greeting during this busy season – surprise people by sending out cards or family photos for Valentines Day instead!
Maybe you can skip the office party to spend quality time with family. How can you prioritize and then simplify?

2. Limit the number of parties and gatherings you say “yes” to.

Pick a few meaningful and/or important events to attend and enjoy and say “yes”!  To keep a balanced schedule and reduce overwhelm, graciously say “no” to other invitations. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed on the day of an event, call your host/hostess to politely cancel. If that doesn’t feel appropriate, join the fun for a limited amount of time – you don’t have to be the last to leave by any means! Savoring just a few celebrations can add immensely to your enjoyment of the holidays!Which gatherings or events have most meaning and heart for you this season?

2. Make lists of important “to do” actions and schedule them. 

So much to do: gifts for family, friends, co-workers;  planning and shopping for special menu items; cleaning and decorating!! Just thinking about it all can trigger an overwhelmed feeling. Take some time with a warm cup of tea to make lists of what you need to do. Then, look at your calendar and plan out when to do what. Save time and energy by shopping on-line or at just one store or mall for everything you need. How can you organize your “to do” items for greater ease?

3. Plan time to relax and unwind.

The holidays lose their sparkle when we are frazzled and overtired. Plan in some time just for relaxation and self-care.  Listen to your favorite music, plan time for a hot bath each week, take a nap, sit in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of hot chocolate or cider, schedule a massage! What will help you stay balanced and relaxed?

4. For planning lists, recipes, and more stress-busting tips, see the following websites:

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

For more information on coaching, and how it might help you at the holiday season or year-round, see my website:

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