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Nurtured Heart Approach to Parenting “Difficult” Children

Would you say that your child has challenging behavior? If your child has ADHD, you just might! Often for kids whose behavior is more difficult, traditional parenting approaches fall short of the mark.

Nurtured Heart

The “Nurtured Heart Approach
–> to parenting is both a philosophy and technique for working with children exhibiting varying degrees of behavioral challenge. 

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ADHD: A Heavy Load?

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”                                                                                   — Lou Holtz

What does this quotation have to do with ADHD you may wonder?

A lot of people “suffer”

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ADHD and Summer Safety

Kids love the freedom and fun of summer!

Parents want their kids to have a great time in the summer, too.

Parents of kids with ADHD can find summer worrisome though. As one mom observed: “Every summer, it seems my son with ADHD gets some injury or another.

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Summer Fun with Executive Functioning

“Our doctor just told me that my son has ‘executive functioning disorder.” a mother recently commented. “What is it? What can I do?” she asked.

Executive function disorder is an unofficial diagnosis characterized by challenges in following directions, difficulties with planning, organization, and goal-setting, and poor follow-through. Executive functioning challenges are common among people with ADHD,

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