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Six Reasons to Read your Syllabus!

On the first day of class, your professor hands out a few pieces of paper stapled together and titled “Syllabus.” You glance at it, no-doubt feel a bit overwhelmed by its detail, stick it in your backpack and forget about it. Right?

No way! A successful student will 1) 

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Midterms & Finals: 7 Success Strategies

It’s getting to be time for final exams. You’ve kept up with your reading and homework (or maybe you haven’t?). You really want to do well on your tests!

A toolbox of strategies for mid-terms and finals might be just what you need!

This first of three posts by ADHD Coach Jonathan Salem addresses strategies to use to set yourself up for success.

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Getting Unstuck before a Due Date

Mindy has a paper due in her history class in just three days. She came to her coaching appointment very stressed: “I’m not really procrastinating, but I am not getting it done. I have to do some research, but I’ve been getting side-tracked by reading journal articles that aren’t quite to the point.

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Quiz Yourself for Success!

Who likes taking tests? ……….. OK …….. we are still waiting for some hands to be raised here!
We know that in school that tests are often used to form the basis of a grade.

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Assess Your Study Habits!


The semester is well underway, and many students are facing their first rounds of quizzes and tests. How well do you prepare? Read on to see!

Assess your study habits .

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ADHD: Quiz Yourself!

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How familiar are you with ADHD?   
Try this ten-question quiz to find out! 
Research has shown that quizzes are a great learning tool. This is the second of two quizzes I am posting to help you assess your knowledge of ADHD and to clear up any misconceptions.

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ADHD: True or False?

Unfortunately, myths and misunderstandings about ADHD are all too common. It’s hard to believe, but some people still mistake ADHD for laziness, lack of willpower, or even poor intelligence.

To help combat misinformation, increase awareness, and spread the truth about ADD and ADHD, ADDitude Magazine published a 15-question quiz titled: “How well do you know ADHD?”

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Surprising Study Habits!


We often think that we have to organize and simplify to get things to work well for our brains when we study. And many times, particularly if we have ADD,  that is true.

Yet, we also know that the brain is complex.

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Top-notch Technology for Students

Gearing up for the school year? Wondering whether there is any technology that might help make academics this year go more smoothly?

Here are some favorites of students with ADHD:


Who can do without a morning alarm?

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Coaching Students: What Research Says

“How do I know if ADHD coaching will work for my son?” the mother of a college student recently asked me. 
I told this mother that it’s difficult to predict exact outcomes of coaching for a specific student.

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