How ADHD Coaching Can Help Young Adults

Here is a sampling of the types of goals I assist young adults with:


  • Discovering your strengths and applying them to achieve success
  • Becoming aware of your own learning style and how to work with it
  • Understanding ADHD and executive functioning challenges and how they impact your life

Time Management & Organization

  • Using a to-do list and planner
  • FInding a place for everything
  • Developing habits and routines
  • Creating systems that work
  • Scheduling regular tasks
  • Managing finances

Educational Success

  • Addressing procrastination
  • Reducing distractions
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Managing long-term projects
  • Organizing papers to find what you need
  • Learning study strategies to improve both efficiency and academic success
  • Improving your writing skills


  • Developing routines that work
  • Learning how to set goals and follow-through
  • Using motivational strategies that work
  • Developing self-advocacy skills to tell professors, parents, supervisors, and others what you need
  • Improving communication
  • Maintaining balance between conflicting demands and priorities (school, work, friends, family)
  • Addressing workplace challenges
  • Exploring career options for fit
  • Considering a budget


  • Addressing health and wellness needs
  • Finding exercise that works for you
  • Developing ways to manage stress
  • Learning mindfulness strategies
  • Implementing actions to forward your own growth and development

Future Plans

  • Exploring college or alternatives that will work for you
  • Finding a part-time or summer job
  • Exploring career options that are a good fit

Here’s what you can do now: