How ADHD Coaching Can Help Teens

Here is a sampling of the types of goals I assist teens with:


  • Discovering your strengths and applying them to achieve success
  • Becoming aware of your own learning style and how to work with it
  • Understanding ADHD and how it impacts your life

Skill Development

  • Organizing your school stuff so you don’t lose papers
  • Planning, including how to handle long-term projects
  • Managing your time, including improving efficiency and overcoming procrastination
  • Learning new study strategies to improve academic success
  • Improving your writing skills
  • Finding ways to get homework turned in on time


  • Creating routines that work
  • Learning how to set goals and then follow-through
  • Using motivational strategies that work
  • Developing self-advocacy skills to more easily discuss your needs with teachers, parents, and coaches
  • Learning to manage stress
  • Maintaining balance between conflicting demands and priorities

Future Plans

  • Exploring colleges that will work for you
  • Putting all the skills in place for college success
  • Figuring out a gap year
  • Finding a part-time or summer job
  • Thinking ahead about career options that are a go

Here’s what you can do now: