Parent-to-Parent AD/HD Training

Feeling challenged by parenting a child with AD/HD? Start off the new year with a great parenting class that combines the latest science with advice from parents who have “been there.” (The class descriptions provided below are from Parent to Parent – see here.)

Parent to Parent (P2P) Classes are a state-of-the-art educational program specifically designed for parents of children with AD/HD, by parents of children with AD/HD.  Recently, class participants have shared the following feedback.

  • “The P2P Class answered all and more of the things I needed to know about my son’s ADHD. Listening to other parents’ struggles made me feel that I am not alone in all of this.”                           
  • “The webinars were thoroughly enlightening, motivating, and helpful.  As a family, we are on a more positive path because of CHADD.  I would highly recommend the class to anyone with a child with ADHD.”
  • “This class has given me hope for my ADHD child – that he might be able to function as he reaches adulthood.”

Think your parenting needs a boost? Begin the New Year by taking CHADD’s Parent to Parent Classes in your local community, online, or on demand. Scholarships are available! Want to learn more? Read on. Want to register? See below.

Parent to Parent: A Family Training Program on AD/HD® is a state-of-the-art educational program specifically designed for parents, by parents. This seven-session class includes a science-based curriculum with the training provided by an experienced and certified Parent to Parent Teacher. Each of the two-hour sessions covers an area of information absolutely essential to the successful management of ADHD. And best of all, the training is presented from a parent’s perspective, by people who have faced the same struggles, questions and challenges you do.

Course Overview: The 7 two-hour sessions address all the major areas of living with ADHD:

  • Session 1 – Overview of ADHD
  • Session 2 – Assessment to Multimodal Treatment
  • Session 3 – Developing Parenting Strategies and Positive Behavior Interventions – Behavioral   Management, Part I
  • Session 4 – Developing Parenting Strategies and Positive Behavior Interventions – Behavioral Management, Part II
  • Session 5 – Educational Rights for Your Child with ADHD
  • Session 6 – Building an Education Team: Bridging the Gap Between Home and School
  • Session 7 – Resiliency, Teen Challenges and Future Success

Each family participating receives a Parent to Parent Workbook© full of tools, resources and articles to supplement what you are learning through the class, itself an invaluable reference.

To register:

Classes fill quickly, so don’t delay … register today! Scholarships are available: click here. You have three options for the class format, so see what best fits your preferences and schedule.

1. Looking for a class in your local community?  This gives you an opportunity to meet others in your area facing the same challenges in raising a child with AD/HD. Please see the P2P Schedule of Classes for classes currently offered in various sites across the country: click here.

2. Interested in the P2P Online Training Program from CHADD? If nothing is available in your area, link with other parents for an online class. See the schedule of online classes currently offered and choose the one that best fits your schedule: click here.

3. Neither of the above works with your schedule? P2P on demand provides you with the same information as the community-based and on-line programs but lacks the parent interaction. To sign up for the on-demand program: click here.

For help in individualizing your parenting or for help directly for your child, contact me for more information on my coaching services!

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