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Wishing you a Flourishing New Year

What would it mean to you to flourish?
What would a flourishing life be like for you? 
What would some of the pieces of that life be?

And … how might you get there?

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What’s Working Well?

What are the best memories you have from the past year? … What’s been working well for you this month? … What’s been your best experience in the last week? … What’s the most uplifting thing that’s happened today? … What feels good right now?

Often we don’t take time to notice,

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Developing a New Habit: 12 Steps

“I really need to study organic chemistry daily.”

“I want to clean my room once a week.”

“I want to go to the library for two hours every afternoon to get my homework done.”

Whether or not you have ADHD, developing a new habit can be challenging.

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Optimism or Pessimism?

One of my clients told me, “My mom is always saying, ‘You should look at the bright side!’ but I just don’t seem to think that way.”

This begs the question: so, what’s better – optimism or pessimism?

The answer? it depends!

Turns out that both optimism and pessimism come in several varieties,

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Getting Things Done with ADHD

“My son is not getting his homework done!”

“I am behind on projects at work.”

” I always have to ask for extensions on my class papers!”

Having trouble getting things done? It’s a common ADHD complaint.

In her book The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD,

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Addressing Self-defeating Behaviors

One of my clients had put a great deal of time and effort into developing new habits to support productivity. At times, though, he found himself still caught up in feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. These feelings reminded him of the past when he didn’t have his new habits in place yet,

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“Oops! I forgot!” Strategies and Technology to Overcome Forgetfulness

“Oops! I forgot.”

How often do you say that to yourself?

If you have AD/HD, plenty, I bet. In fact, one of the diagnostic criteria for AD/HD is forgetfulness.

Even if it’s a familiar experience, forgetting to do things we have told ourselves “need”

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