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Staying Focused on a Task: Handy Apps

Have a project to finish but find your mind wandering?

Writing a paper but can’t stay focused?

Reading for class and find you’ve been turning pages with no idea what you’ve read?

Distraction is among the diagnostic criteria for AD/HD. In fact,

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Transitions: Take a Look

For most of us, fall is a time of transitions and of new beginnings.

No doubt there is much any of us could say about it to stimulate thinking and inspire forward movement.

Instead,  I welcome you to just take a look: 

What comes to mind for you as you view these photos

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For Parents of Teens/Young Adults with AD/HD

You’re parenting a teen or young adult now?! 

Welcome to the wonderful and wild phase 
during which your child will change and 
grow in many ways.

But hang on for the ride!

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Seven Tips for Smooth Sailing with Homework!

School has started in most places. Morning routines are getting fleshed out. Reasonable bedtimes are taking on increased importance. Homework is starting gradually, too. This begs the question: 

How prepared are you to face the challenge of managing daily homework?


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