How can ADHD Coaching Help Parents?

As an ADHD and Life Coach (and parent of two birth and one adoptive child with ADHD & learning disabilities), I work with parents and families in a variety of ways.

As examples, through coaching:

PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH ADHD can grow in understanding their child’s strengths and needs and can develop approaches to working well with their child and reducing chaos in the family. Some common goals:

  • Learning about ADHD and how it manifests in your child’s behaviors
  • Understanding how it impacts your child and family
  • Implementing homework strategies
  • Working successfully with the school
  • Developing and maintaining chore schedules
  • Implementing morning and bedtime routines
  • Promoting self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing positive approaches to discipline
  • Handling emotional reactivity
  • Identifying resources
  • Maintaining balance

I also offer occasional or periodic coaching sessions with your child—or the two of you together—to help kids understand ADHD, to trouble-shoot challenges, and to support developing individualized strategies for success.

PARENTS OF TEENS WITH ADHD can use coaching to explore the balance between providing support and encouraging independence as well as to consider ways to prepare their teen for the young adult years, including college and/or work.

Common goals include:

  • Improving parent-teen communication
  • Balancing support and independence
  • Promoting academic success
  • Assuring college or workplace readiness
  • Preparing for driving safety
  • Encouraging chores and responsibilities
  • Addressing discipline and consequences
  • Supporting a positive sense of self in your teen
  • Implementing structures for success

PARENTS CARING FOR A CHALLENGING CHILD or children can focus on giving attention to personal and family issues including organization, time management, resource identification, advocacy, and also the all-important but easily overlooked needs for self-care, personal growth, and support.