ADHD Coaching for Parents

ADHD Coaching for Parents

Coaching is a forward-looking, action-oriented, solution-based partnership between coach and parents. Coaching uses a process of inquiry, support, education, problem-solving, and accountability to assist parents in identifying and reaching their goals.

If you are a parent needing support in achieving your goals and dreams for your child, your family, and/or yourself, consider coaching. We can arrange to work together for a few sessions, a series of sessions, or ongoing, regular coaching.

Learn some of the ways coaching might help you as a parent. Please contact me for more information! I offer a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation so we can see if my services are a good match for your needs.


[testimonial_slider autorotate=””] [testimonial name=” Steve & Jean S., Washington, D.C., Parents of a teen with ADHD” quote=”Thanks so much. We are hugely appreciative of your help and guidance here. By the way, not nagging and just being empathetic is awesome for both of us!” id=”t1″] [/testimonial_slider]