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Midterms & Finals: 7 Success Strategies

It’s getting to be time for final exams. You’ve kept up with your reading and homework (or maybe you haven’t?). You really want to do well on your tests!

A toolbox of strategies for mid-terms and finals might be just what you need!

This first of three posts by ADHD Coach Jonathan Salem addresses strategies to use to set yourself up for success.

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Quiz Yourself for Success!

Who likes taking tests? ……….. OK …….. we are still waiting for some hands to be raised here!
We know that in school that tests are often used to form the basis of a grade.

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Parenting Teens with ADHD

Parenting teens is tricky business in any circumstance. Parenting a teen with ADHD can be even more challenging due to a number of ADD-related characteristics, such as: 

  • distraction 
  • forgetfulness
  • procrastination
  • disorganization
  • emotional reactivity

These characteristics can contribute to school issues as well as friction at home around chores and other responsibilities.

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Helicopter parenting?

Have you been accused (by yourself or others) of “helicopter parenting”?

Hovering over your child or micro-managing things for him/her?

It is common for parents of kids with AD/HD to be more closely involved in managing school work, coordinating schedules, prompting on chores,

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The Many Faces of AD/HD: Varied Ages

October is ADHD Awareness Month. Awareness of the diverse ways ADHD shows up – at varied ages is the focus of this ADHD Awareness Month post.

When people hear the term ADHD, a common mental picture is that of a hyperactive school aged child.

For a long time,

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In looking for a job, recognize that everyone has at least three levels of job preferences.

1. The ideal job is what you really want to have, but it is often the hardest to get!

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