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Part Two: Encouraging Your Child’s Positive Behavior

“Tina, stop that! Calm down! It’s not responsible to act that way!”

“Greg, put that down. You are not cooperating! You are supposed to be brushing your teeth.”

“Louise  – What are you doing on the computer?! You should be doing your homework!”

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ADHD in the News: November 2012

Here are some of the latest bits of news from the Internet to help you better manage your AD/HD:
1) Of interest to teens & young adults
“Self-Control” – Limit distractions by blocking websites while using the computer with this (Mac) app:
Research demonstrates validity of music as a tool for focusing: 

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The Many Faces of AD/HD: AD/HD & Parenting

October is ADHD Awareness Month.  This post focuses on awareness of – and discarding myths about – ADHD and parenting.


                        the toughest 

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