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Last Minute Holiday Tips

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! No need to worry. While ADHD and the “holidays” can be a volatile mix, we’ve got you covered. Here are six links to a variety of articles with last-minute tips for calming the chemistry and enjoying the festivities:

1) Parents can help children with ADHD manage the holiday “havoc”

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CHADD’s Parent to Parent Training

Feeling a bit overwhelmed parenting your child with ADHD? Finding that other parents you know just don’t understand what you are experiencing? Wondering where to turn for the advice and support you need?

CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) offers Parent-to-Parent Training training programs specifically for families of children with ADHD.

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Part Two: Encouraging Your Child’s Positive Behavior

“Tina, stop that! Calm down! It’s not responsible to act that way!”

“Greg, put that down. You are not cooperating! You are supposed to be brushing your teeth.”

“Louise  – What are you doing on the computer?! You should be doing your homework!”

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Parenting Teens with ADHD

Parenting teens is tricky business in any circumstance. Parenting a teen with ADHD can be even more challenging due to a number of ADD-related characteristics, such as: 

  • distraction 
  • forgetfulness
  • procrastination
  • disorganization
  • emotional reactivity

These characteristics can contribute to school issues as well as friction at home around chores and other responsibilities.

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Nurtured Heart Approach to Parenting “Difficult” Children

Would you say that your child has challenging behavior? If your child has ADHD, you just might! Often for kids whose behavior is more difficult, traditional parenting approaches fall short of the mark.

Nurtured Heart

The “Nurtured Heart Approach
–> to parenting is both a philosophy and technique for working with children exhibiting varying degrees of behavioral challenge. 

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ADHD and Summer Safety

Kids love the freedom and fun of summer!

Parents want their kids to have a great time in the summer, too.

Parents of kids with ADHD can find summer worrisome though. As one mom observed: “Every summer, it seems my son with ADHD gets some injury or another.

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Summer Fun with Executive Functioning

“Our doctor just told me that my son has ‘executive functioning disorder.” a mother recently commented. “What is it? What can I do?” she asked.

Executive function disorder is an unofficial diagnosis characterized by challenges in following directions, difficulties with planning, organization, and goal-setting, and poor follow-through. Executive functioning challenges are common among people with ADHD,

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Helicopter parenting?

Have you been accused (by yourself or others) of “helicopter parenting”?

Hovering over your child or micro-managing things for him/her?

It is common for parents of kids with AD/HD to be more closely involved in managing school work, coordinating schedules, prompting on chores,

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