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This blog post is the second of two by guest blogger and financial planner and consultant Dr. Joel Lang. (Dr. Lang can be contacted at: 
The first post on fool-proof bill paying addressed creating a usable workspace and then gathering the necessary tools for bill paying.

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AD/HD in Adults: Could I Have It?

Are you an adult wondering whether you might have AD/HD?

Or were you recently diagnosed and wondering where to begin in understanding and managing your diagnosis?

As a WEB-MD article states:

The conventionally used diagnostic criteria for ADHD,

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ADHD in the News: November 2012

Here are some of the latest bits of news from the Internet to help you better manage your AD/HD:
1) Of interest to teens & young adults
“Self-Control” – Limit distractions by blocking websites while using the computer with this (Mac) app:
Research demonstrates validity of music as a tool for focusing: 

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