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Three Steps to Managing Distraction

Everyone is distracted from time to time, especially when engaged in boring or tedious tasks.

Distractions can be external, such as sounds, a messy environment, visible activity (there goes a squirrel!), or the internet. Distractions can also be internal, include daydreaming, mulling over problems, and the like.

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ADHD in the News: November 2012

Here are some of the latest bits of news from the Internet to help you better manage your AD/HD:
1) Of interest to teens & young adults
“Self-Control” – Limit distractions by blocking websites while using the computer with this (Mac) app:
Research demonstrates validity of music as a tool for focusing: 

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Staying Focused on a Task: Handy Apps

Have a project to finish but find your mind wandering?

Writing a paper but can’t stay focused?

Reading for class and find you’ve been turning pages with no idea what you’ve read?

Distraction is among the diagnostic criteria for AD/HD. In fact,

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