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ADHD & Money, Part 1

“I run out of money every month and have to ask my parents for more.”

“I overdrew my account last week and had to pay a huge fee!”

Unfortunately, these types of scenarios are not uncommon when ADHD and money mix. 

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Could I have Adult ADHD?

Maybe your child was diagnosed with ADHD and you notice that you have some of the same symptoms. Maybe you have read about ADHD and think that what you read might be describing you. Maybe life just feels more difficult for you than it seems for others,

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“Unexplained Underachievement”

Does the term “unexplained underachievement” seem to fit you?

  • When you look back at your school years, did teachers say you weren’t working to your potential? 
  • Have you been told that you were lazy or just not working hard enough?
  • Have you struggled with employment –

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Looking for a job? 

Many career experts advise that the process of looking for a full-time job should be considered a full-time job itself.

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This blog post is the second of two by guest blogger and financial planner and consultant Dr. Joel Lang. (Dr. Lang can be contacted at: 
The first post on fool-proof bill paying addressed creating a usable workspace and then gathering the necessary tools for bill paying.

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Three Steps to Managing Distraction

Everyone is distracted from time to time, especially when engaged in boring or tedious tasks.

Distractions can be external, such as sounds, a messy environment, visible activity (there goes a squirrel!), or the internet. Distractions can also be internal, include daydreaming, mulling over problems, and the like.

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AD/HD in Adults: Could I Have It?

Are you an adult wondering whether you might have AD/HD?

Or were you recently diagnosed and wondering where to begin in understanding and managing your diagnosis?

As a WEB-MD article states:

The conventionally used diagnostic criteria for ADHD,

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Simplify your life starting this holiday season!

The holiday season can be fun and fulfilling; it can also be overwhelming and stressful.

In a small book titled Simplify Your Christmas: 100 Ways to Reduce the Stress and Recapture the Joy of the Holidays, Elaine St. James raises interesting  observations about how we celebrate the holidays (applicable whether Christmas or other),

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The Many Faces of AD/HD: Varied Ages

October is ADHD Awareness Month. Awareness of the diverse ways ADHD shows up – at varied ages is the focus of this ADHD Awareness Month post.

When people hear the term ADHD, a common mental picture is that of a hyperactive school aged child.

For a long time,

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Oops! I forgot! (Technology for reminding)

“Oops! I forgot.” How many times do you say that to yourself? If you have AD/HD, plenty I bet. In fact, one of the diagnostic criteria for AD/HD is forgetfulness.

Still, forgetting to do things we have told ourselves need to be done can lead to personal feelings of frustration and to lack of accomplishment.

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