October is ADHD Awareness Month – an international movement to educate the public and create greater awareness and understanding about attention deficit disorder.

The ADHD Awareness Month Coalition has put together a rich array of resources to use in getting the word out. These include a press kit, posters, fact sheets, a calendar listing 31 ways to spread the word… and more! 

I am determined to help spread the word – and I invite you to spread the word too!

The ADHD Awareness Coalition has made it easy by putting together a calendar with suggestions for 31 ways to spread the word this month. Here’s the suggestion for day 30.


The ADHD Awareness Coalition has put together a number of recordings here:

Consider sharing one or more with family and friends. 

In particular, you might find the following recording useful: 

Explaining ADHD to Friends, Family, Teachers and Colleagues  – Michelle Novotni

Thank you for your efforts to raise ADHD Awareness today or any other day!

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