October is ADHD Awareness Month – an international movement to educate the public and create greater awareness and understanding about attention deficit disorder.

The ADHD Awareness Month Coalition has put together a rich array of resources to use in getting the word out. These include a press kit, posters, fact sheets, a calendar listing 31 ways to spread the word… and more! 

I am determined to help spread the word – and you can spread the word too!

The ADHD Awareness Coalition has made it easy by putting together a calendar with suggestions for 31 ways to spread the word this month.


Today’s activity is all about mentoring. 

Depending on how ADHD is showing up in your life, consider how mentoring makes sense. 

If you are the parent of a child who has ADHD, how about finding a college student to mentor your child?

If you have ADHD, do you want to find a mentor for yourself?  Someone who has more figured out at this point? (One avenue might be through joining an organization such as ADDA and attending a conference; another possibility is joining a CHADD Chapter near you and attending a local support group, or even a virtual group.)

Can you be mentor for someone who has less figured out?

Thank you for all you do to advance ADHD Awareness this month and any time!

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