Parenting Children with ADHD: Resources for the Adventure

If you are parenting a child or children with ADHD and find it challenging, you are not alone!

In an article titled “Welcome to Holland,” Emily Kingsley described the experience parenting a child with a disability as a journey:

It’s like planning, packing for, and anticipating a trip to Italy … and then finding you’ve arrived in Holland – you need to learn a new language, get a new set of guidebooks, re-organize your plans and perspective! But, as time goes along – even thought you still think about Italy, you begin to notice the tulips and windmills and all that Holland has to offer (for the full description, see:

I might add that once you get used to the scenery in “Holland,” you may find you need to re-tool your “travel” plans a bit once your child with ADHD reaches the teen years. 

Here are a number of well-regarded guidebooks that may help you find your way on your adventures to “Holland” whatever age your children may be:

Here are some places you might find some travel companions as well as learn how to negotiate your way with more ease:

Remember: You may have expected Italy, and you may be disappointed that others got to go to Italy and you didn’t, but when you start to find your way around Holland, you’ll be amazed how bright those tulips can be!

 And if you need a travel agent, to help you manage your travel plans with greater ease, consider ADHD coaching!

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