What do Calvin and Hobbes have to do with ADHD?

“You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
“What mood is that?
“Last-minute panic.”
Calvin and Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson is credited with this quotation. Sure makes me wonder whether he might have familiarity with ADHD!

Last minute panic is a coping strategy known all too well among people who struggle with procrastination. And, while anyone can procrastinate, and many people do, the unique brain differences associated with ADHD, makes chronic procrastination common among individuals having the diagnosis.

Scientists are beginning to understand why this occurs. To date research points to three key factors related to ADHD and procrastination:

  1. Differences in pathways of the neurotransmitter (brain chemical) dopamine
  2. An altered perception of time in the brain, as well as 
  3. Distractability, also a brain wiring difference.

Procrastination isn’t due to laziness or lack of either will or motivation. Rather, specific brain differences explain why individuals with ADD so often have to make a big push to get things done at the very last minute.

If you are tiring of that last minute panic to get things done, if you recognize that your best work really isn’t done this way, …if you are ready for a change, ADHD coaching might be just what you are looking for! We can work on skills and strategies to help you manage things differently. Contact me today for a free introductory consultation!

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