Could I have Adult ADHD?

Maybe your child was diagnosed with ADHD and you notice that you have some of the same symptoms. Maybe you have read about ADHD and think that what you read might be describing you. Maybe life just feels more difficult for you than it seems for others, and you aren’t quite sure why.

Do you wonder if you might have ADD?  If you are an adult who recognizes yourself in any of the statements above, or if you are:

  • Habitually disorganized
  • Always running late
  • Struggling to manage relationships

You just might have ADHD!
An official diagnosis can only be made on the basis of a clinical exam by a licensed mental health practitioner. But, the World Health Organization has developed a questionnaire that can help you decide if you should make that appointment.

ADDitude Magazine has adapted the World Health Organization questionnaire, and you can “test yourself” with it here: TAKE THIS SELF TEST

If you answer yes to many of the questions and/or you think you might have ADHD,  make an appointment with a mental heath provider who is experienced with ADHD. Awareness and understanding are the first steps to getting the help you need and deserve!

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