CHADD’s Parent to Parent Training

Feeling a bit overwhelmed parenting your child with ADHD? Finding that other parents you know just don’t understand what you are experiencing? Wondering where to turn for the advice and support you need?

CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) offers Parent-to-Parent Training training programs specifically for families of children with ADHD.

These classes, offered in person or online, are designed for parents, by parents. They are also taught by certified Parent-to-Parent trainers, most of whom are parents themselves, parents who have been right where you are today.

The Parent-to-Parent curriculum is a seven session, 14 hour, evidence-based training addressing the following essential issues:

Session 1 Overview of ADHD
Session 2  Assessment to Treatment
Sessions 3 and 4 Behavioral Management – Developing Parenting Strategies and Positive Interventions
Session 5 Educational Rights for Your Child with ADHD
Session 6  Bridging the Gap Between Home and School
Session 7 Resiliency, Teen Challenges & Future Success

Course tuition includes the seven sessions as well as a workbook containing a wealth of articles, forms and other useful resources.

For more information about the Parent-to-Parent program, and to locate a class in your area, see CHADD’s website.

If you want some personalized support parenting your child with ADHD or putting the Parent-to-Parent recommendations into place for your family, consider working with an ADHD Coach.
I offer a free consultation to see if your needs and my services are a good match for each other.

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