Top-notch Technology for Students

Gearing up for the school year? Wondering whether there is any technology that might help make academics this year go more smoothly?

Here are some favorites of students with ADHD:


Who can do without a morning alarm? But don’t stop there! An alarm can be used as a reminder to take meds, get to class, and keep appointments. An alarm that is set at varied intervals while studying can also be used to check in with yourself to see whether you are on-track or distracted and remind you to re-focus if needed. 


BitBomb is a text message reminder service that can synch with a calendar. This free service makes it easy to schedule reminders that will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS at the time you designate.


The Pulse Smartpen can provide the student with a visual and audio of any written work. It is a tool that can be used for review of any notes and is an excellent re-teaching tool. It is of benefit to any student, but is especially helpful for those students who need math support, have ADD, or a learning disability.


Kurzweil 3000 is a text-to-speech software that provides a multi-sensory approach to learning. This technology can be especially helpful for students who have dyslexia, attention issues, reading and writing concerns and more. It can be used with e-books to provide the student with another method for learning support.


Dragon Naturally Speaking uses speech-to-text technology to provide support for students with motor issues that affect their ability to actually write out their notes or papers. A student who has dysgraphia or chronic medical issues may benefit. Additionally any student who might find it easier to “write” by dictating can make us of this software.

Which of these technological aides have you tried?
What might you want to look into?
What helps you the most with school?

Beyond technology, if you need help with time management, planning, study skills or other aspects of managing the school year, consider working with an ADHD Coach. Contact me at for a free half-hour consultation.

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