Quiz Yourself for Success!

Who likes taking tests? ……….. OK …….. we are still waiting for some hands to be raised here!
We know that in school that tests are often used to form the basis of a grade. But, many students – particularly some with ADHD – have challenges with memorizing and might prefer other methods of evaluation.

Did you know, though, that testing actually helps you learn? In a recent study, scientists found that a group of students who studied material one day and took a quiz on it the next day did better on subsequent testing than students who studied one day and studied again the next.  

Researchers think that the process of having to recall information (as for a quiz) actually engages the brain more fully and helps embed the information more firmly in the brain.The research was not conducted on students with ADD, but the findings may still be useful. 

Study tip: You can help yourself to study more effectively by asking yourself – and answering – questions about your class material. Quiz yourself for success!

Here are some sources of questions: 

  • review questions at the end of a textbook section or chapter 
  • questions you generate from textbook headings, vocabulary, or  other bold terms in a text
  • questions you generate from lecture notes 
  • questions posed by fellow students in a study group
  •  sample tests or quizzes on the topic on the internet

Making and reviewing flashcards is one way to quiz yourself. Using two-columns on a sheet of paper is another: the questions can go on the left and the answers on the right. Cover up the answers while you try to remember them, then check yourself.

The research doesn’t say that you have to like quizzes or tests . . .  only that you may learn best if you take them! So, consider adding self-quizzing to your study skills repertoire.

And don’t forget to thank your teachers for all the quizzes and tests that help you learn 🙂 !

To read more about this research study, see the following article in the New York Times:

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