Midterms & Finals: 7 Success Strategies

It’s getting to be time for final exams. You’ve kept up with your reading and homework (or maybe you haven’t?). You really want to do well on your tests!

A toolbox of strategies for mid-terms and finals might be just what you need!

This first of three posts by ADHD Coach Jonathan Salem addresses strategies to use to set yourself up for success. His two subsequent posts will address key strategies for test-taking and how to handle multiple choice questions. Also watch for a separate post on managing test anxiety.


1) Get sleep the night before!

2) Bring snacks and water for tests, especially for long tests, so you don’t run out of fuel for your brain.

3) Schedule time for several days in advance of a test to study. 

4) Use index cards with questions on front side and answers on back side to create your own game to memorize facts. Practice them until you consistently get them right. Just writing the cards will help embed the facts into your memory.

5) Review your index cards as much as possible before going into the test.

6) If your short term memory is weak, make up mnemonic tricks to memorize facts. Research this on the web and you will find plenty of suggestions.

7) Minimize distractions! Request accommodations in advance. If you need extra time, or a quiet room, get accommodations either from the teacher, the counseling office, or the office of disability services.

  • The extra time can make a big difference in stress reduction and test completion. 
  • If the noise of others bothers you, but you can’t get accommodations, bring some kind of noise reduction ear plugs (like the ones made for loud rock concerts) to reduce the noise.
  • If people distract you, ask to be seated in the front row of the class.
  • Reduce distractions any way you can!

Guest post by Jonathan Salem, M.S. who specializes in entrepreneurship, applied technology, and coaching clients with personal obstacles to overcome, including ADHD and/or mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. He can be reached at 409-ADHD-NOW (409-234-3669) or Jon@Coach4adultadhd.com

If you would like help with test-taking or other aspects of school success, consider working with a coach! See www.lizahmann.com for more information

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