ADHD: True or False?

Unfortunately, myths and misunderstandings about ADHD are all too common. It’s hard to believe, but some people still mistake ADHD for laziness, lack of willpower, or even poor intelligence.

To help combat misinformation, increase awareness, and spread the truth about ADD and ADHD, ADDitude Magazine published a 15-question quiz titled: “How well do you know ADHD?” Not only are the questions in this quiz comprehensive (see below), but the answers are very informative as well!

So, if you are wondering how well you understand ADD or ADHD, or if you just want to check out some facts, consider the following “true-false” questions, and then check out the ADDitude article to review the answers.

Good luck on the quiz!

1. ADHD is not a real medical disorder: 

2. ADHD mainly affects children, especially boys

3. Children who are said to have ADHD are often just active, energetic children.

4. Hyperactivity is a hallmark symptom of ADHD.

5. Children with ADHD will eventually outgrow it.

6. ADHD is a straightforward problem of paying attention.

7. ADHD is not a very serious disorder.

8. ADHD is a fairly new disorder.

9. ADHD is caused by bad parenting.

10. ADHD is caused by sugar, food additives, and food allergies.

11. People who can focus really well can’t possibly have ADHD.

12. People who are really smart don’t generally have ADHD.

13. ADHD Symptoms can be improved through better diet and nutrition.

14. Being given special accommodations because of ADHD gives an unfair advantage.

15. People with ADHD never amount to much.

How do you think you fared overall on your ADHD knowledge? What questions were you sure about? What left you wondering? 

Now, take a look at the ADDitude article to check your answers and learn more about ADHD:

To review some of these – and other – myths and misunderstandings, check back here next week for a 10-question quiz with links to additional informational articles. There’s no time better than the present to clear up any confusion and become more informed about ADHD!

Have any relatives or friends who may not fully understand ADHD? Feel free to share these blog posts with others who might benefit. Let’s all work together to boost ADHD awareness and understanding. 

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