“Unraveling ADHD” – a Book Review

Many thanks to Academic and Career Coach Dorothy Bisbee* for sharing this thoughtful review of: 

Joyce Kubik’s Unraveling ADHD:  How I Turned My Greatest Deficit into My Greatest Asset (2013)

Anyone who either has ADHD, knows someone who has it, or doesn’t know much about it (in other words, everyone) can benefit from reading Joyce Kubik’s memoir, Unraveling ADHD.  Full of personal insights and useful advice, it is difficult to put down.  On the practical side, the book gives great tips for minimizing the downsides and maximizing the upsides of ADHD.  As a narrative, it shows with grace how a two-time college dropout with a dysfunctional family evolved into a double-degreed college graduate, grandmother, businesswoman and leader in her field.  Most striking to me was the forgiveness Kubik extends to everyone who underestimated or misunderstood her along the way, from a negligent parent to a misdiagnosing psychologist.  Kubik recognizes that the failures are a part of the process.  The forgiveness and self-acceptance she models is something all of us, whether or not we have ADHD, can learn from.

*Dorothy Bisbee, JD, PCC, CCMC
 Academic and Career Coach

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