“Unexplained Underachievement”

Does the term “unexplained underachievement” seem to fit you?

  • When you look back at your school years, did teachers say you weren’t working to your potential? 
  • Have you been told that you were lazy or just not working hard enough?
  • Have you struggled with employment – either losing jobs or failing to get promotions?
  • Are you scattered? Distracted? Disorganized? 
  • Does life seem to be harder for you than for others?

Some eight million adults in the United States have ADHD! Interviewed by ABC News, Dr. Edward Hallowell – a national expert in the field – says that “unexplained underachievement” is a key indicator of undiagnosed ADHD in adults. So, if underachievement is familiar to you, maybe ADD is actually the explanation. Maybe you are one of the eight million adults with ADD!

If you think this might be true, get a diagnosis from a professional familiar with adult ADD (unfortunately, some still think this is a myth). A diagnosis can be a first step in getting the treatment and support you need in order to shift from a life of underachievement to a life of pursuing your dreams and achieving your goals.

(Watch the entire ABC News segment here.)

Working with an ADHD coach can be another key step in plotting a course forward, drawing on your strengths and developing the skills and strategies to support you as you move forward in successfully creating the life you want to have.

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