ADHD: A Heavy Load?

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”                                                                                   — Lou Holtz

What does this quotation have to do with ADHD you may wonder?

A lot of people “suffer” with ADHD. They carry it as a heavy load. Perhaps they don’t know they have it, …  they know but they don’t treat it, …  they take medication but they don’t really develop useful strategies, … or they don’t practice good self-care.  

If you are “suffering” from ADD or its consequences – whether at home, in school, in the workplace, in relationships, or in terms of how you view yourself – it’s time to (re-)evaluate your treatment plan.

  • Medication is a key component of ADHD treatment for most individuals. Finding the right med(s) or the right doses can take time, so if you aren’t certain how well your medication is working, talk with you doctor. It may be time for a review and adjustment.
    •  If you have any co-existing conditions, such as anxiety, depression, or others, make sure you are getting proper treatment for these as well. Medication and therapy can both be helpful for this.
    • Work with an ADHD coach to better understand your ADHD, to develop strategies and structures to improve time management, organization and other aspects of life with ADHD. Medication alone is rarely sufficient to treat ADD for several reasons. First, medication does not help an individual develop an understanding of ADD and how it impacts his or her life. Additionally, imedication does not address the development of skills and strategies needed to maneuver with efficiency and effectiveness through the many obligations of life. 
    • Some individuals with ADHD are using newer technologies including neurofeedback, brain games, or working memory training training as part of their ADD management plans. Some research suggests benefits, but overall research is still inconclusive on the benefits of these treatments.
    • Finally, consider the impact of your lifestyle on managing ADD. Nutrition, sleep, exercise, relaxation and mindfulness all play a role in managing ADHD successfully.

      ADHD can pose challenges in life, without a doubt. But if you make sure to find the knowledge, support and treatment you need, you will carry your ADHD much more efficiently and the load doesn’t have to break you down.

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