ADHD and MONEY: 12 Helpful Resources

Do you have trouble with any of the following?

  • Impulsive or excessive spending
  • Paying bills on time
  • Unresolved debt
  • Poor credit score
  • Arguments over spending
  • Finding your papers at tax time

Stephanie Sarkis, author of ADD and Your Money points out that these are common challenges among individuals with ADHD. Organizational difficulties, trouble remembering, procrastination, as well as impulsivity, all symptoms of ADHD, can contribute to financial problems.

But, it’s not necessary to live this way: there is help!

  • Consider hiring a financial consultant. The initial monetary outlay may save you money over time and can help you feel more in-control of your finances. 
  • Consider  hiring a professional organizer who specializes in ADHD to help you gather and organize your financial papers.
  • Consider working with an ADHD coach to help develop and maintain systems and strategies to support you in better managing your finances over time.

Take it step by step as you work to get a handle on your finances. 

Here are twelve useful resources to get you started:

1. Reduce impulse buying (and other tips): “ADHD and Money Management”

2. Improve bill-paying: “Bring Your Bills Under Control” (free download)

3, 4. Reduce Debt (and Save!):

“ADHD Friendly Ways to Save Money and Live Better”

“ADD Adults: Get Out of Debt and Learn to Manage Your Money — For Good!”

5. Spend less:  “Budget Strategies for ADD Adults: 18 Ways to Save”

6. Create a budget: “Budgeting Made Simple for ADD Adults”

7. Be ready for tax time: “Four Tips for Getting Your Taxes in Order”

8, 9. Tools for money management:

“ADHD and Money: 4 Ways to Save Smarter”

“App of the Month: Mint”

10, 11, 12. Overall strategies:

“Managing Money”

 “Manage Your Money with Adult ADHD”

ADD and Your Money

Interested in coaching? I offer a no-cost initial consultation: contact me through my website:
To your (financial) health!

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