Motivation: What works for you?

Struggling with motivation?  

Motivational challenges are common with AD/HD. In fact, some research shows that motivational issues in AD/HD stem from a reduction in dopamine, an important neurotransmitter in the brain.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get motivated!

Take some time to think about what helps you when you are dragging your feet….

Consider the following general questions for starters:   

1. What things do motivate me? How can I bring some of that energy to the task at hand?

2. How have I motivated myself in the past?

3. What will I feel like if I get the job done? What about if I don’t?

Consider these more specific questions as well:

4. What time of day is it easiest to do the things I feel less motivated about?

5. How helpful would it be to make fun stuff a reward for the “other stuff”? What kinds of rewards would motivate me?

6. What can I do to make the less fun “stuff” more appealing?

          Break the task into bits and do just one bit at a time?

          Race against the clock?

          Ask someone to do the
          task with me?
          … or at least stay
          nearby to keep me on task?

7. How useful would it be to develop routines and schedules for some of what just has to get done? 

Now consider: What will I try next time I am dragging my feet?

If you’d like some help exploring strategies that will work best to motivate you, consider coaching! Contact me for a free introductory session.
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