Oops! I forgot! (Technology for reminding)

“Oops! I forgot.” How many times do you say that to yourself? If you have AD/HD, plenty I bet. In fact, one of the diagnostic criteria for AD/HD is forgetfulness.

Still, forgetting to do things we have told ourselves need to be done can lead to personal feelings of frustration and to lack of accomplishment.

And forgetting to do things we have promised others we’ll do can lead to being perceived as unreliable in any relationship, and to strain in close relationships.
Who needs any of that?

Building routines,

keeping a to-do list, and

regularly using a planner

… are three basic tools for staying on track. If you don’t have those in place, they are a good place to start.

But, even with them in place, sometimes we need a little bit more.

So, here are a few handy technological tools that can be used to jog the memory:

        You’ve used sticky notes before, right?
Post-it has a digital version,
or you can just Google
“electronic sticky notes”
and you’ll find many
        Do you check your email
daily (or more often)?
Maybe sending yourself
email reminders would
be useful?  Requall is a nifty program you can use
to send yourself email reminders.   
        More of a texter? Google “text reminder” to turn
up a number of programs allowing you to schedule text reminders to yourself. (For fun, take a look at “Daily Nudge” and “Hassle Me”!)   
        Want to synch reminders with your calendar or to-do list?
o   Toodledo is an multi-faceted electronic “to do” list that includes a reminder feature. 
o   Google calendar can be set-up to send reminder texts for items you’ve posted.

What techniques have you tried to assist remembering? What might you want to try?
If you’d like a more in-depth or personalized approach to managing life with AD/HD,
consider coaching! Contact me today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation: www.lizahmann.com
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