For Parents of Teens/Young Adults with AD/HD

You’re parenting a teen or young adult now?! 

Welcome to the wonderful and wild phase 
during which your child will change and 
grow in many ways.

But hang on for the ride! Tensions at home can rise during this phase as expectations, roles, and responsibilities shift. You may find a need to change and grow in ways to remain effective in your parenting role as well. 

Parenting a teen or young adult with AD/HD can pose particular dilemmas. 

  • As any child gets older, the drive for independence grows. Yet, due to the unique pace of brain development with AD/HD, you might notice some lags in “motivation” or “responsibility” that worry you. 
  • Your teen or young adult may be creative and energetic and live “in the moment.” You may worry more about the long-term. 
  • Your child wants you to back-off. You fear he or she will “crash and burn” – or maybe just get nowhere – without your direction.
Rest assured, you are not the only parent facing the  dilemmas inherent in parenting a teen or young adult with AD/HD!

Here’s a list of books, articles, and websites that may help you better understand your child in this phase and also help you develop effective strategies as you support your young person in negotiating the important transition from child to adult. 

If you think you may benefit from some individualized support as you journey through this transition, an AD/HD Coach may be able to help! If you think tensions might reduce if your teen or young adult worked with a coach, that’s an option to consider too. Either way, contact me for a no-cost initial consultation:

Parenting Teens with Love and Logicby Foster Cline and Jim Fay
Ready for Take-Off   by Theresa Maitland and Patricia Quinn
Coaching College Students with AD/HD  by Patricia Quinn, Nancy Ratey & Theresa Maitland
“The Brown Model of AD/HD” at
“Parenting Tips” at
“Helping Your Young Adult with ADD (ADHD) Prepare for Independence” at
“Parent Care Package” at
“Our AD/HD Coaching Research” at
CHADD – Children and Adults with AD/HD   To find a local chapter:

IMPACT AD/HD – parent training and coaching, offering articles, blog-posts, support groups, expert “talks” (some resources free) at


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