How – and Why – to Say No!

ADHD Coach Sandy Maynard recently wrote an article titled “Simplify Your ADHD Life by Learning to Say ‘No'” (in ADDitude). Here’s my take on this important topic:

Feeling overwhelmed? Life feeling out of control? Too busy? Too much stuff?

Creative urges, high energy, many interests, and impulsive decision-making can all contribute to “too much” in life. 

Want to get your life back into balance? 

Ready to feel a bit more relaxed, to enjoy what you’re doing more, to have time for the things that  matter most to you? 

Maybe it’s time to say “no” … to more requests, activities, stuff…

Still, saying “no” can be tough, as Maynard acknowledges.

So, consider these tips

1. Practice saying “I’ll get back to you later” to others or “I’ll decide later” to yourself. This gives you time to really consider how something else will fit into your life. 

2. Practice giving up something for everything you add. Thinking of volunteering for the PTA or the school yearbook? What can you stop doing to make time for the new activity

3. Start saying “no” to easy things first. Then work up to what’s tougher.

4. Consider a variety of polite ways to say no. Maynard share suggestions from the website that has a tip sheet with numerous suggestions, each of which could begin with “I’m sorry…” Here are a few:

  • I’m in the middle of several projects.
  • I do not have any more room in my calendar.
  • I have another commitment.
  • I need to focus more on my personal life.  
  • (The sweet and simple) No.

5. Accept that change can be a bit uncomfortable – you are stretching your boundaries and learning something new.

6. Reward yourself for each step you take to regain some balance. “High five!!!” 

You’ll be glad you did it!

If you’d like more help changing habits or getting your life into balance, contact me for a free half-hour consultation.

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