AD/HD Awareness Week 2011: Day 6

Today is the sixth day of AD/HD Awareness Week 2011!!

In support of AD/HD Awareness Week, I am posting one AD/HD awareness activity per day this week.

The activity for Day 1 was to print a poster and get the facts! 
The activity for Day 2 was to sign up to participate in the AD/HD Awareness Week Expo.
The activity for Day 3: viewing a video on AD/HD:
The activity for Day 4 was to learn more at the National Resource Center on AD/HD 
The activity for Day 5 was to spread the word:

AD/HD Awareness Week, 2011: Day 6

If you have AD/HD – or are interested in AD/HD – and have not yet joined CHADD (Children and Adults with AD/HD), then…..

Join CHADD today!  It’s easy to join online at:

CHADD is a national, non-profit, tax-exempt organization providing education, advocacy and support for individuals with AD/HD. 20,000 members strong today, CHADD was founded in 1987 with the purpose of providing education, advocacy and support for individuals with AD/HD.

According to its mission statement, CHADD currently has 3 primary goals:

1) to serve as a clearinghouse for evidence-based information on AD/HD
2) to serve as a local face-to-face family support group for families and individuals affected by ADHD,
3) to serve as an advocate for appropriate public policies and public recognition in response to needs faced by families and individuals with ADHD.

A membership for a student or family is under $50 per year and entitles you to a long list of membership benefits, including a subscription to Attention magazine and more!

Check back tomorrow for one more AD/HD Awareness Week activity!

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