AD/HD Awareness Week, 2011: Day 5

Today is the fifth day of AD/HD Awareness Week 2011!!

In support of AD/HD Awareness Week, I am posting one AD/HD awareness activity per day this week.

The activity for Day 1 was to print a poster and get the facts! 
The activity for Day 2 was to sign up to participate in the free AD/HD Awareness Week Expo.
The activity for Day 3 was to view a video on AD/HD.
The activity for Day 4 was to learn more at the National Resource Center on AD/HD.

AD/HD Awareness Week, 2011: Day 5

For much of this week so far, I have been recommending activities encouraging you to learn more about AD/HD. Now I am suggesting that you:

Share what you’ve learned! Spread the word! 

You may already have shared some things you have learned with family members or close friends. Without having to disclose that you or a family member may have or do have AD/HD, you can also share what you’ve learned with neighbors; fellow students or work colleagues; and acquaintances in your worship community, social circle(s), or recreational group(s). Just tell them you happened to learn that this is AD/HD Awareness week and you’ve learned a few interesting things …

The website for AD/HD Awareness Week shares a number of other ways to spread the word:

Go forth! Be creative! Spread the word!

And remember to check back here for 2 more days of AD/HD Awareness Week Activities!

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