AD/HD Awareness Week 2011: Day 4

Today is the fourth day of AD/HD Awareness Week 2011!!

In support of AD/HD Awareness Week, I am posting one AD/HD awareness activity per day this week.

The activity for Day 1 was to print a poster and get the facts! 
The activity for Day 2 was to sign up to participate in the AD/HD Awareness Week Expo.
The activity for Day 3 was to view a video:

AD/HD Awareness Week, 2011   Day 4

Explore the numerous resources on the website of the National Resource Center on AD/HD [a project of CHADD (Children and Adults with AD/HD), funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)] at
On Day 1, you had a chance to read seven key facts about AD/HD on the AD/HD Awareness Week website.  Today you can learn even more about AD/HD on the website of the National Resource Center on AD/HD. The Center’s web-page has links to articles, resources, and additional websites providing information related to AD/HD and its management at all ages, in the following general categories: 

Additionally, the Center has available

  • a number of handouts, on a variety of topics, in a series titled “What we Know” — these are available in both English and Spanish
  • a regular series of online chats with AD/HD experts
  • and a  toll-free number to call for live help: 800-233-4050

Check back tomorrow and the rest of this week for more AD/HD Awareness Week activities!

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