On one of my recent library trips, I ran across a book with a title I couldn’t resist blogging about!

As mom to three kids with AD/HD, clutter is a very familiar topic. Sometimes one room or another looks dangerously cluttered – almost perfectly deadly in fact!

So, I chuckled when I saw a book titled “Killed by Clutter.”

For those who may be readers of mysteries, author Leslie Caine apparently has several books in which mysteries are solved by an interior decorator. According to the back cover of “Killed by Clutter,” the decorator encounters a widow whose home is filled with “a maze of bric-a-brac, papers and just plain old junk that she won’t throw out….” As it turns out, “somewhere in the clutter is at least one thing to die for.”

I know that here at my house we have to put in as much hard work as Caine’s decorator/detective does to solve our own mystery of mess. So, hmmm…. which will it be next weekend, cleaning day or a mystery novel?

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