ADD and AD/HD in Girls and Women

The term ADD or AD/HD often brings to mind a hyperactive boy. But, boys are not the only people who can have the diagnosis!

In fact, the ADD or AD/HD diagnosis has often been missed in girls who tend to have more day-dreamy or distracted, rather than hyperactive, symptoms. Yet, a diagnosis and appropriate interventions can have an important impact on a girl’s (or woman’s) success and sense of self.

Although ADD and AD/HD in girls and women is becoming better understood, consider checking whether the provider you plan to see about a diagnosis is familiar with symptoms in girls or women.

Also, learn as much as you can about how ADD and AD/HD manifests differently in males and females. To help you along, here are some great resources for understanding ADD and AD/HD in girls and women:

– Here’s a link to an NPR show about the topic from November 2008:

– Here are a few online articles:

– And two websites:

– A facebook site for moms of children with AD/HD:

– A social networking site for women with AD/HD:

– And, finally, here are several excellent books on the subject:

Patricia Quinn’s Attention, Girls! A Guide to Learn All About Your ADHD (for ages 7-12)

Kathleen Nadeau’s Understanding Women with ADHD

Sari Solden’s Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embrace Your Differences and Transform Your Life

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